Rice straw management

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BMZ- IRRI Project

A three-year project titled “Scalable straw management options for improved livelihoods, sustainability, and low environmental footprint in rice‐based production systems” was launched in 2015 to conduct research on different rice straw management options. Experts from IRRI and its national partners in Cambodia, Philippines, and Vietnam aims to introduce practical and viable technology options to optimize the use of rice straw and bring income opportunities in an environmentally sustainable manner.

The project has five research output-oriented packages that will come up with economic and environmentally viable solutions to manage rice straw in small and large scale farms.

Output 1. Innovative technologies, management options, and farmer business models for conventional rice straw management.

Output 2: Carbon footprint of conventional straw management options under different mechanization levels of harvest/postharvest operations

Output 3: Carbonization of straw (biochar) as a pioneering approach for lowering footprint and increasing income

Output 4: Methodologies for and results from sustainability assessment for promising rice straw management options

Output 5: Communication and outreach strategies for dissemination of results

What's new

Putting rice straw waste to good use
LOS BAÑOS, Philippines―A two-day workshop focusing on research-based, sustainable rice straw management initiatives and viable market prospects for rice straw was held at the IRRI Headquarters, 8-9 August. Read more.

Experts chart future pathways for the rice straw market in Vietnam
Rice experts gathered to chart future pathways for the rice straw market. The IRRI -BMZ rice straw project is investigating ways to find new market outlets and developing value chains for rice straw. Read more